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Triple8Films | On A Race Car!

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Triple8Films becomes a sponsor of Dan Wells and his LMP3 car.

The Triple8Films logo can now be seen on this beautiful machine (rear wing).

We had so much fun travelling with Dan and his team EURASIA MOTORSPORT for the entire LMP3 season. We had access all area passes at the race tracks in Hangzhou, Zhuhai and Shanghai.

It was exhilarating to be so close to the action, to be part of the team, watching the mechanics in the pit lane prepare and service the cars and witness first hand the dedication and skill needed by the drivers to get behind the wheel and drive these magnificent machines.

You can watch the videos by clicking here

videographer HK, motorsport, racing video, racing car
So proud to have the Triple8Films logo On A Race Car!

Hong Kong motor racing videographer, motorsport video production
Triple8Films On A Race Car!

Hong Kong motorsport videographer, motor racing video production
Triple8Films On A Race Car!

Dan Wells Racing Driver James Beckerlegge Videographer

Chatting in the Garage

JB in the Pit Lane

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