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How to make great video content for your business

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Your business has lots of great stories to tell. Using videos to tell these stories allows your business to engage with your customers, it allows people to understand and remember your message, it enriches your branding, increases your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and it increases your ROI.

With the right content, your business can create engaging, high-quality videos that will help solidify your relationship with existing customers and bring in new prospects.

With video making up about 80% of all internet traffic, it’s no wonder that companies are focusing on video marketing as a way to grow their business.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start, this article is here to help.

This article will help you to think of the engaging stories that your business can tell and how you can use video to effectively tell them.

We will then look at how best to get your video seen by your audience.

Think of a story

Storytelling gives a compelling reason for consumers to buy from you, it strikes an emotional connection and inspires trust between your business and customers, employees, and suppliers. Storytelling through video creates an immediate response in the viewer that makes it memorable and shareable.

What stories can your business tell?

Think about the challenges your business has overcome, its achievements, its brand image, its mission and core vision and values. Think about how your business does things differently to everyone else, or how you strive to be the best. Think about the passionate people who work for you, or your state-of-the-art production line. All of these have their own stories that can draw potential customers in, engage with them and build a relationship with your brand.

Your business is the best in the world at what it does right?

Come up with some stories about why you are the best at what you do.

‘We have the best….’

‘We are the fastest at….’

‘We understand xxx better than…’

‘Our Unique Selling Point (USP) is….’

‘The quality of our xxx is the best in....'

‘We are the most….’

‘We care about….’

Start brainstorming about your business, write down all the things that make your business great, including its ethos and the inspiring people that work there.

Your business has a wealth of knowledge that you can use to educate your customers, boost your brand image and drive traffic to your website.

You can impart knowledge through a series of ‘How to’ or ‘Informational’ videos discussing your business, product or industry.

For example, an insurance company might want make a series of videos on frequently asked questions…

‘What is the difference between whole life and term insurance?’

‘What is general insurance?’

‘Can I deduct auto insurance from my taxes?’

‘What is covered by my domestic helper Insurance?’

A hair salon might want to make a series of videos on topics such as….

‘Hottest hair trends for women to try this year’

‘What is the right hair colour for my complexion?’

‘How to wear your hair up with style’

‘Hairstyles for long hair that you can try at home’

‘Latest hairstyles for men’

You can see that these sorts of informational videos can be relevant for any industry, but most importantly, the titles of these videos are the sort of questions or statements that consumers will type into search engines looking for answers.

If your business can get videos in front of prospective customers looking for answers, your business can be the solution to their problems!

Other topics might be…

‘Artificial Intelligence - latest news’

‘How to appraise art’

‘What is intellectual property law?’

‘3 fresh summer recipes that your family will love’

‘5 ways to stay fit and healthy’

‘What is conveyancing?’

‘How to look after tropical fish’

Have a think about some questions that your business can answer, or some interesting topics that you can educate and entertain your customers on.

How to tell your story

Now you need to decide on how to tell your story.

A good story can motivate, challenge, delight, anger or touch us.

Your story can be used to create an emotional investment between your business and your audience.

The ideal goal is to make your viewers pay attention to your story rather than the product or service you are pushing.

Featuring people in your videos will connect your audience with human experiences and evoke emotions and attachment.

Have a think and decide who the star people in your company are, (maybe it’s you?).

If your business has a product…

Who in your company came up with the idea?

Who designed it?

Who is bringing it to market?

Who is responsible for the quality of production?

If your business has a service….

Who is the best at….?

Who gives excellent customer service?

Who has had the most success at….?

Who came up with the idea of….?

It’s these star people that you have in your company who will be able to talk passionately about a subject. For example, if your designer came up with a new product that they had worked long and hard on, they will be able to talk passionately about it.

Put them in front of the camera to tell their story.

Video interviews and presentations are a great way to get people from your company to speak passionately about your products and services.

These can be planned through a series of bullet points but left unscripted to make the

video come across as more natural.

You could decide to interview the CEO of your company or have him/her impart some wisdom or talk passionately about the company’s core vision and values.

This strategy is useful when trying to sway customers your way. The CEO explaining his/her passion for a product or service can be very reassuring for potential customers. Hearing directly from the CEO will allow your customers to really trust in your product or service.

If your business is customer focused, you might want to think about filming a series of testimonials with your suppliers, clients or customers.

Testimonial videos are a way to let your customers do the talking for you. Putting your most successful, happy or unique customers on video is a powerful way to attach a real-life narrative to your product or service.

To have your customers talking about how your company has made a positive impact on their life or business, and about the problem they faced and how your company provided the solution is pure marketing gold.

Whether you are wanting to make an informercial, product video, explainer video, your company’s brand video or any other type of video, if you brainstorm through the points in this article, you will be able to come up with some really amazing and engaging stories that are unique to your business.

Get the professionals in

If you want your videos to look good and have an impact, you will need to invest in them like any other marketing initiative or company strategy. Your videos will be a reflection of your brand, your products and your services. The best way to make your videos look professional and reflect a good brand image, is to get a video production company to help create your videos with you.

You are currently reading this on the Triple8Films website. Please contact us to discuss your project. Click here

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Now let the world see your videos

So, you brainstormed your business, you thought about all the different stories that your business could tell, you thought about your star employees and the stories they could tell, and the people close to your business, suppliers, customers, clients, and the stories they could tell. You have thought about your brand and your brand image, your business’s mission and core vision and values. You came up with some great video ideas.

Then, you contacted a video production company to discuss your ideas, create a plan and shoot your videos.

Now, you need the world to see them.

Instead of just going ahead and launching your video, you should build hype around it by promoting its launch date on your website, blog and other social media channels.

You will need somewhere to host your video, and YouTube is a great place to do that, (you then embed the video onto your website or blog etc). YouTube is the most popular video hosting site, it is also the second most popular search engine after Google, people search YouTube in the same way that they search Google. Google owns YouTube which means that your video will feature prominently in Google searches. Sometimes it’s easier to get your video onto the 1st page of Google than it is to get your website up there.

More important than the hosting of your video is the promotion of your video. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your company blog, your website and email lists are all great places to spread your videos and get them seen.

As well as putting your videos on your own website and social media pages, you should try to get your videos featured on other peoples websites and different industry publications. Websites and publications that cater to your industry are always looking for new content to keep their websites fresh and engaging, they are looking for businesses like yours that can fill a page with a nicely written article and a video.

If you can get your video featured on several of these websites, it means that people will be visiting your website through trusted links, Google loves this and it will boost your website ranking in its search results, but most importantly, it means that lots of new people that your business has not touched before, are now learning about your company, its products and services.

Telling stories about your business and your brand is an ongoing process. Each day, your business grows, shifts and adds new chapters or creates new stories. Make video storytelling an essential part of your company strategy and marketing initiatives to attract and retain more customers.

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