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Painting the town......Orange

Szabotage is one of Hong Kong's best known street artists. Seen here making a commercial for whisky brand label 5. Triple8Films is very proud to have been chosen to film the Hong Kong footage.

See some photos here

Triple8Films - On a racing car!

Triple8Films is now a sponsor of Dan Wells and his LMP3 car. The Triple8Films logo is on the rear wing.

See photos of the LMP3 car here

Watch the racing videos here

See photos of the LMP3 car here.

Behind the scenes - Explosion.

Graffiti - Photos.

Watch an interview with +MASS

fashion designers.

Watch the RedHat event video by


EPT HealthFest 2016

Video by Triple8Films

Click to see video

Graphics and Artwork.

Mac Caddy now launched on KickStarter

Triple8Films made the video for the Mac Caddy KickStarter campaign.

Watch the Mac Caddy KickStarter video here

Flying high in the Maldives


Took the DJI Mavic Pro to the Maldives. Ended up making a promo video for DJ MacMac.

Video coming soon.

New kit - Panasonic GH5 4K 60fps

Triple8Films has bought a new camera, the Panasonic GH5, capable of shooting cinema 4K at 60fps.

"Spoiler alert, the camera looks great and it’s a cinematographer’s dream". - Cinema5D


Filming David Beckham and Bruce Rockowitz for CNBC and Bloomberg


Interviewing famous artist

Kacey Wong


2nd of two videos for Geometry Global branding agency

Triple8Films - editing & post production

Click to see video


Interviewing a famous

Cantopop singer

Back on the building site

'Having single-handedly built the Hong Kong Convention Centre and the Hong Kong Airport back in the 1990s, it was good to be home'........'although in my day, we did it barefoot'.

Seen here at the Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point and the Express Rail Link West Terminus Kowloon Station. For Leighton Asia. The drone was well used.

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